Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting

About Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting

The Pulitzer Center promotes in-depth engagement with global affairs through its sponsorship of quality international journalism across all media platforms and an innovative program of outreach and education.



January 2022 Washington, DC
“The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting is the most supportive team I have seen. The center director and staff are most committed to providing a nurturing environment for all reporting fellows. The advisors and senior journalists are highly qualified. I learned a lot from the experience. ”

Beyond Religion Fellow

July 2019 - October 2019 Washington, DC
“The Pulitzer Center gave me the chance to do on the ground reporting in the Lebanon, with financial support and personal mentorship. I attended two conferences in DC, one in June and one in September, where I connected with other student fellows and learned about opportunities in journalism. I loved that I had the space to consider how writing can be a force for good. ”
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