Publishers Clearing House

About Publishers Clearing House

Publishers Clearing House (PCH), headquartered in Jericho, NY, and with offices in NYC, Portland, ME, and Austin, TX, is a leading direct-to-consumer company offering a broad range of products, digital entertainment and services to consumers as well as customized solutions for advertisers. Our ability to successfully deliver a highly engaging blend of curated multi-channel shopping and digital entertainment across a network of web and app-based properties is built on PCH’s unique free-to-play, chance-to-win value proposition, which enables individually personalized offers based on the trusted first party relationship we maintain with millions of consumers. The excitement of the Publishers Clearing House brand benefits all promotional offers. Sources of revenue for the company are digital advertising, search advertising and the sale of merchandise and magazines offered with free credit and 100% satisfaction guaranteed.


Paid acquisition intern

January 2019 - August 2019 Jericho, NY
“I loved being able to work with multiple teams and on multiple projects. I was able to be exposed to a lot within marketing and really gain some foundation on what I would like to pursue. Also, as in intern, my work had an actual impact and purpose in what the team was trying to accomplish. ”

Graphic Designer Intern

April 2019 Jericho, NY
“It has been a great experience to see how graphic design is applied in the real world. I have learned a lot of new things as well. And it’s primarily web based, which I had interest in learning at some point anyway. ”
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