PSU Eats


September 2017 - August 2018 • Portland, OR

What I liked

The position was easy to get used to and I was able to make connections with different customers by making them drinks that they'll love.

What I wish was different

I did not appreciate the management here and was said to have gotten a raise to 12.75/hr in April but only received 12/hr from April until July and did not receive back pay. However my coworkers were awesome and so were the customers!


Although there were aspects of management that I did not appreciate, it was a learning opportunity for me, just like any other experience. I really developed my interpersonal skills within this job. I would advise everyone to have at least one food service or retail job in their lifetime if they haven't already. It will be a challenge but it teaches you how to be a better employee and how to stick up for yourself and how much your time is worth.
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