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Doors are all about transitions. They allow us to control the passage of everything that enters and exists or lives and our businesses – from people to weather, from vehicles to floodwaters. In short, doors are simply too important to entrust to just anybody. The very best doors are reinforced with confidence at their core, and this is what PS Industries does best.

Originally established in 1974 as a full-service door distributor repairing and supplying industrial doors, we had the opportunity to work with many door manufacturers and gain first-hand knowledge of what worked and what didn’t in the door industry, along with the challenges in the field that our customers faced. In the late 1970’s we began developing improved door-related products designed and manufactured specifically to excel in high draft (pressure) applications and highly abusive industrial environments. Thus, the PS Sliding Door was born. Soon after we developed an Industrial Swing Door, a Horizontal Sliding Roof Hatch, an Access/Inspection Hatch, and our industrial air control Ventilation Louver system. All of these products are custom fabricated specifically to our customer’s size and design requirements. These products fall under our PS Industrial Access Brand.

As our company continued to grow, we developed a new brand: PS Safety Access. This product line started with our patented Vertical Lift Mezzanine Gate, designed to provide fall protection while allowing customers to take advantage of improved efficiently in their material handling. More safety related products soon followed, including one of our most popular products, the Ladder Safety Gate. Currently, the PS Safety Access Brand manufacturers ten safety-related products designed and engineered to provide personnel fall protection.

In the early 1980’s, we were asked to design a water-tight flood protection barrier for a lift station. We applied our knowledge of custom manufacturing and rugged design to develop our first flood barrier product, the Lift-Out Flood Barrier. We continued to manufacture custom flood barriers upon request and eventually we made the decision to develop the PS Flood Barriers brand. The keys to the development of this brand were innovative design, solid engineering and high quality manufacturing standards. Today, we have eleven flood barrier products to protect facilities, critical infrastructure and assets from devastating flooding. Two of our flood barrier products, the Pedestrian Flood Door (PD-520) and the Flood Plank (FP-530FM), have undergone third party testing and certification and now carry the “FM Approved” Label.

At PS Industries our mission is “to produce products and services that exceed expectations.” We strive to exceed the expectations of our customers, our suppliers, our competition and our employees. The down and dirty of it is, we are innovative, honorable, knowledgeable, and excited to solve each customer’s problems.

We work with great customers every day, like NASA, the United Nations, Miller-Coors, Con Edison, Grainger, Xcel Energy, the New York City Transit Authority and thousands of others. How do we do it? We follow the “PS DOORS Way.” This guides us on every interaction with our customers, imparting a proven method for providing the correct solution to the customer’s problem or needs.



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