Provo City Special Events

About Provo City Special Events

The Provo City Events team is responsible for hosting over 30 events for the community. We host events in various locations in the city and for several different departments. Our team consists of 3-4 paid Recreation Leaders 3-4 unpaid interns and 1 Event Supervisor. We are a fun loving team that enjoys our work and looks to find and set industry trends. Schedule is flexible and benefits include free food, a free membership to the Recreation Center and a fun, innovative work environment.


Special events leader for the city of Provo

June 2019 Provo, UT
“It is an amazing environment with awesome people in the office and a lot of variety of skills required to do the job. It changes on a daily basis and I have grown in many different skills and been able to have fun. Our events are a blast and I have a lot of fun while doing real adult work. ”
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