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About Prolitec Inc.

Prolitec is a rapidly growing, privately held company, headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Prolitec is a global technology-enabled services and award winning manufacturing company in the emerging field of ambient scenting. Prolitec currently serves an expanding number of clients and Certified Service Partners in the United States and in over 80 countries abroad through its’ AirQTM brand. Clients include retail stores, casinos, hotels, office buildings, spas, fitness centers, health facilities and other venues where indoor air quality is important.

Additionally, Prolitec has just launched Aera - a SMART home fragrance system. Aera (Pron “Air Ah”) which promises to reinvent the way homes are scenting. We expect Aera to assume the position alongside products such NEST and SONOS in the consumer market. Like NEST is to temperature and Sonos is to sound, Aera is to scent. Even more important than Aera’s SMART capabilities is Aera’s capability to generate an extraordinary scent experience unlike anything users of home scent have ever imagined. You can read all about it at

Core to Prolitec is a patented system and process that converts aqueous or non-aqueous liquid agents into plumes of droplets measuring about 1 micron in diameter. These droplets blend with and uniformly treat the air in enclosed interior spaces. Prolitec’s air treatment systems are controlled by an on-board computer that functions independently to match peak and non-peak customer hours.
Prolitec’s air treatment applications utilize a wide range of high quality natural and synthetic fragrances with proprietary odor neutralizing agents, which are all safe for use in human-occupied spaces. The air treatment applications are provided as a full service experience so that there is no maintenance on the part of the client necessary.


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January 2019 - August 2019 Milwaukee, WI
“The fast pace environment was everything I was looking for to keep busy. The fact that the company was willing to train an individual when it came to shipping and using equipment like a forklift really added to the experience.”
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