Project Woman

Advocacy Intern

June - July 2019 • Springfield, OH

What I liked

I appreciated that we were able to work directly with survivors in all settings as interns. We were able to assist in the courtroom, in the shelter, in the main office building, and even in survivor support groups. Additionally, The staff were very kind and welcoming.

What I wish was different

I wish that there was a bit more organization on days were the office was slower. Some days we just waited around while the actually employees did their paperwork or handled cases that we were not able to sit on.


One piece of advice.. If you intern here, be ready to hear some hard stories, be ready to hear some stories that you can't believe, be ready to think that something like this would never happen to you- but then it all falls into perspective. Be patient, be kind, be empathetic, because these are real people's lives, and sometimes you can really break through and help better them. Also be prepared to handle a bit of un-organization.
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