Project Super Bloom

About Project Super Bloom

California prides itself on being a progressive state when in reality our politicians are deep in the pockets of the one percent and refuse to take action on the most pressing issues facing our generation. While billionaires have gotten richer and richer, we have lost loved ones and livelihoods to COVID 19. Year after year, we face record-breaking storms and fires. Our lives are defined by the crises we face, and time to act has run out.

After a fire destroys the land, under very specific conditions, something rare happens. Seeds lay dormant for generations waiting to be shocked into growing by fire. Once the seeds are activated, millions of wildflowers sprout and create a massive, diverse explosion of flowers: a Super Bloom.

Not only do wildflowers bring life back to land devastated by destruction, they transform and bring it back more vibrant and beautiful. The roots of wildflowers reach deep into the ground, forming healthy soil that will sustain life for generations. This year, the conditions are right. After years of crisis, thousands of young Californians are ready to join the fight for justice, and bloom into the movement we need to thrive.

Project Super Bloom will support young people to become the candidates, campaign teams, and policy leads for California’s 2022 state legislature races. Through uplifting leaders who will stand up for our future, we will build a movement to elect candidates who will transform California’s political landscape. We will support campaigns to talk to their community about what working-class policies would look like for them and support young community leaders running on the working class platforms that are created.


Fundraising Intern

June 2021 - August 2021 Los Angeles, CA
“the work environment, the people, the meetings”
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