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About Project Jupyter

Project Jupyter is a set of open-source software tools for interactive and exploratory computing. Developed by a global and diverse community of contributors, Jupyter supports reproducible and collaborative scientific computing, data science, and machine learning across many programming languages. The Jupyter suite of tools has many millions of users across the globe in a wide variety of scientific fields, educational institutions, and businesses. One of our core activities on campus is our full time summer internship program which is a phenomenal Learn by Doing opportunity. This program offers a unique experience where you will receive mentoring from professionals with expertise in design, engineering, and business. You will have the chance to work as a team with a small group of students from different majors to build tools that change the face of data science and push educational innovation forward. To learn more about Jupyter visit and

Currently we plan for the program to run from June 13 to August 26 (11 weeks, to be confirmed at the offer stage). Starting late or departing early from the program is not conducive to the small team environment or the projects you'll be collaborating on. As a special note, we ask applicants to be aware that this opportunity is not compatible with academic timelines for studying abroad in the Fall of next school year. If that is something you dream of doing we ask that you kindly apply to our program next year.


UI/UX Designer Intern

April 2018 San Luis Obispo, CA
“Working with other interns, lots of responsibility and decision making, learning new things”
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