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At PRC, we take healthcare personally. Always with an eye toward improving the patient experience, we’re dedicated to producing research and coaching which serves every dimension of the optimal healthcare equation. That’s why our support extends beyond the patient and into the realm of employee engagement, physician partnership and alignment, community health needs, government-mandated reporting, consumer and brand studies, and more. We believe that different problems demand different solutions and have grown a team dedicated to creating that reality for our partners.

Over nearly 40 years, we’ve partnered with thousands of healthcare organizations of every shape and size imaginable. No matter what kind of information you might require, or what special circumstances may exist, we have the tools and expertise to meet your needs. And, as an organization with high data security, you can always share with peace of mind.

On July 4, 1962, a few months before the Cuban Missile Crisis, teenage Joe Inguanzo, his mother, and three younger siblings arrived as Cuban refugees in Coral Gables, Florida, just south of Miami. With just the clothes on his back, he borrowed a dime to call an uncle in Miami and let the rest of his family know they had safely arrived in the United States. Eager to learn and excited for the opportunities now available, Dr. Inguanzo soon enrolled at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. There he met his future business partners, Ken Livingston and Dr. Inguanzo’s now-wife, Joyce Inguanzo.

After earning a Bachelor of Science in Engineering with Honors, a Master of Science as well as a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Engineering, Dr. Inguanzo quickly learned that he much preferred controlling his own destiny and decided to start his own business.

Hoping to marry his passion for mathematics and computers with his instinct that healthcare could be more than just “very good,” he co-founded Professional Research Consultants (PRC) in 1980 along with Ken, Joyce, and Tom Schleff. What started as a four-person business run out of the basement of the Livingston’s home evolved into a nationally recognized organization supporting over 2,800 healthcare organizations across all 50 states. As the nation’s only privately-held healthcare research and consulting organization, Dr. Inguanzo remains our President and CEO, proudly continuing the tradition of excellence for his clients and employees alike.


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Professional Research Consultant

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“I liked how flexible the job was. I was able to take off time in advance and make up for it beforehand or after. The benefits are great. The employers care about you and treat you well.”
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