Prime Car Wash

Car Wash Attendant

July 2016 - August 2018 • Indianapolis, IN

What I liked

There was a wide variety of positions and tasks to complete so the job didn't get overly repetitive. Management is typically very cooperative regarding emergencies, sickness, time off, etc. Dealing with a diverse range of customers allowed for many opportunities to go above and beyond typical car wash. The fast-paced work environment provided great experience for any sort of future job/career with more responsibilities.

What I wish was different

In many cases there appeared to be a failure to recognize/reward outstanding work because it would often go unnoticed. At times there seemed to be miscommunication and disorganization in upper-level management which caused conflict in certain procedures and other daily operations.


This was a great first job experience as I got to learn how to interact with customers and work as part of a team at the same time. One major learning experience from this job was that it is imperative to provide a service at a higher quality than you would want if you were a customer. Making sure you are thorough and detailed can go a long way at any job/career.
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