About Prasco

Since 2002 Prasco has been an industry leader in Authorized Generics. Simply put, an Authorized Generic (AG) is the brand product sold in private label packaging at a generic price. Because an AG is identical to the brand in every way, doctors, pharmacists, and patients can be confident that it is as reliable, safe, and as effective as the brand. Prasco’s Authorized Generic is the brand®.

Prasco has launched more AGs than any other independent generic company
Prasco has the most brand partnerships in the industry
Prasco has been one of the fastest-growing generic pharmaceutical companies for several years, including 45% growth in 2015
Prasco has helped increase competition by offering patients more accessibility at lower prices during and after 180-day exclusivity period


Prasco foundation intern

June 2018 - August 2018 Cincinnati, OH
“Seeing the money side of business and the need to make due with wage.”
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