Practical Technologies, Inc.

Accounting Intern

June 2022 • Middle River, MD

What I liked

I like everything about the Job! The people are accommodating and I get to apply what I learn in the classrooms. I used to be an Accounting Major (I switched before landing the job haha) and it is fun getting to work with the things I learned in my Accounting courses. I also work with things outside Day-to-Day Accounting because PTI is an electronics manufacturing service provider. I work with the ERP system and my job duties include Accounting, generating sales orders, preparing quotes, assisting with purchasing, and Manufacturing planning. This isn't all, but I love it because it is beneficial and I have the opportunity to expand my skill set.

What I wish was different

I wish I had gotten an internship sooner. This job put a lot of things into perspective for me-Career wise. I am enjoying the process and learning a lot while at it.


I think many students are scared of getting an internship early because it feels like "real life" is about to hit them. However, this is real life, you all. Why not start scared instead of not starting at all? My main advice is that no one is expecting you-who is without a Bachelor's degree-to do what a degree holder can do. As an intern, you are learning how to use the ropes. Do not be afraid to learn about the twists and turns of the ropes. If you have a question about the metal head of the rope and why it doesn't have a rubber head, please ask. There are people waiting to help you.
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