About Powerley

Built for utilities by utilities, Powerley is the first company to integrate real-time energy management within a complete smart home solution. Powerley is focused on the opportunities and obstacles that energy providers face today – strengthening customer relationships while protecting data from disruptors, empowering customers that need extra assistance with tools to reduce their bill, and ensuring grid-grade reliability at every touchpoint.

Powerley enables utilities to provide an experience that empowers customers with control of their energy footprint via mobile, wearables and voice. By tapping into real-time energy data, Powerley is helping utility partners to turn electricity into intelligence. Creating an energy-aware home, we automatically get alerted when we're wasting energy, allowing us to tune-in to time-of-use rates, and informing us when appliances need attention.
Bridging the smart grid to the smart home, Powerley is helping utilities lead their customers in creating smarter, more efficient homes. With a constant connection to the home’s smart meter, Powerley provides real-time energy usage data for the whole home and every connected appliance and device within it - turning these connections into daily conversations that are reshaping the role of the utility, deepening customer loyalty and driving up engagement.

The Powerley team is bringing the energy and passion of Silicon Valley to Metro Detroit, solving complex, challenging problems and inventing new ways consumers understand and use energy, and changing the way utility companies interact with their customers.

Formed as a joint venture between DTE Energy and Vectorform, Powerley is rapidly scaling its solution across leading US and global Utilities.


Data Science Intern

May 2020 - October 2020 Royal Oak, MI
“I really liked the small data science team I worked with. One of my colleagues served as a mentor for me and made a huge effort to make sure I built a stellar project and become a better programmer and computer scientist.”
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