POWAN Initiative

About POWAN Initiative

501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that’s pioneering free, live, personalized e-learning on academic and personal topics.
*Note: All programs and volunteer commitments are virtual.

POWAN Initiative aims to educate via accessible e-learning solutions, empower through cultural connections, and serve K-12 students through evidence-based academic models.

Through our user-friendly platform, students can sign up, tailor their academic support plan, schedule with an accredited instructor of their choice, and gain access to all of our services, all under 5 minutes. POWAN Initiative offers free virtual tutoring & mentoring, bootcamps, and a specialized after-school program to tackle educational inequities.

POWAN's Recent Accomplishments:
-100% Student and Parent Weekly Evaluation Rate of Our Instructors
-$15,000 Strauss Foundation Grant Finalist
-California Dream Fund Finalist

We aim to empower University students to give them the opportunity to gain teaching hours, competitive compensation, letters of recommendation, and more perks while offering them a meaningful opportunity to be involved in collaborative teaching experiences.

Explore the power of words and numbers! Explore the power of education!

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October 2020 Riverside, CA
“POWAN Initiative provided a flexible volunteering opportunity to assist students globally in subjects that tutors felt comfortable teaching. I was able to create my own schedule and work with K-12 students weekly to assist with homework and lessons from the classroom. I liked being able to volunteer remotely and be there for students when they need it the most!”


June 2020 Riverside, CA
“POWAN is a great working experience filled with passionate and dedicated volunteers. I have been with POWAN for over two years as a tutor and operations member. The most rewarding part of being a POWAN tutor is being able to see your student learn and grow in a subject they struggled with. I have also joined POWAN operations lead group to assist with POWAN’s future endeavors. ”
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