Positive Behavior Supports Corporation

About Positive Behavior Supports Corporation

PBS Corp. an agency committed to the principles of Positive Behavior Support (an approach based on principles of applied behavior analysis, ABA) to improve not only behavior, but also quality of life for the individuals we serve, their families, and others who support them. We provide individualized services for those with autism and related disabilities, children and adults, to assist with decreasing challenging behaviors and increasing appropriate behaviors and skill deficits. Our programs are designed to empower caregivers and others involved in the individuals' lives to support them within their natural routines so they can be successful and self-sufficient.


Behavior Assistant

July 2019 Frisco, TX
“I love the positive, supportive energy you receive from everyone working in this corporation. Everyone speaks to each other with respect and my client’s family is the best! I also love that you can pick your own hours because you choose which clients you want to take on, meaning if you can’t work certain days or times don’t pick clients who would need your assistance then! ”

Behavior Assistant

June 2018 Seattle, WA
“PBS taught me how ABA is used and what it's like to work in the field. I like how passionate they are about the children. ”
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