Portland State University Campus Recreation

About Portland State University Campus Recreation

Campus Rec Values
We enhance engagement within the university and city by building healthy and supportive communities.
We promote the link between recreation and sustainability.
We seek and support diversity in our programs and participants while promoting a climate of mutual respect.
We provide programs that are accessible to our community.
We minimize the risk associated with operating successful programs.
We provide significant learning opportunities through participation and employment.
Campus Rec Vision
Campus Rec wants to be the leader in urban university recreation - as a department, we gauge our efforts not just on what we see before us, but make sure to strive to reach the highest standards of the recreation field. To that end, we hope to mirror the Portland State's commitment to leading on national issues around sustainability while becoming known as a University that creates a nationally recognized adaptive sports environment.

Statement of Dignity
As Portland State Campus Rec:

We recognize, understand, and encourage celebration of the human differences that surround us.
We ask you to participate in fostering this spirit.
Any expressions of bigotry, hatred, prejudice or disrespect is inconsistent with the ideals of preserving human dignity and contradicts the values of healthful living and fair play promoted by Portland State University.


Personal Training Program Coordinator

July 2017 Portland, OR
“Flexible schedule, Supervisor support of initiatives, Para-professional job, Networking, Continuing education opportunities; Company values of education, leadership development, facilitating wellness, and sustainability ”

head lifeguard

November 2016 Portland, OR
“On campus job”
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