Pohanka Honda of Fredericksburg

Inventory Clerk

February 2018 • Fredericksburg, VA

What I liked

- Freedom and no direct supervision; I speak to my manager maybe once a week. - Main duties are the same just about every day and can be completed in whatever order or fashion is convenient for you. - I have time for homework and other school-related things on the clock. - I have learned a lot about the car industry and Honda in general. - There are many employee benefits here like discounts on vehicles, vehicle services, 401K, health insurance, holiday pay, and savings programs. - High turnover rate here (for salespeople), so I've met a lot of people I consider friends; also counting clients. - Very social and professional environment for the most part.

What I wish was different

- There are main duties, but also many more added. What was stated on my original job application has multiplied over the course of my time here. - Outdated/inefficient technology - Having to take over and learn coworker's duties. - High turnover rate. Positions are often left empty, leaving an overwhelming workload on whomever else in inventory. I have juggled up to three peoples' duties at one time. - Lack of respect or appreciation from management. - This is a large building with many moving parts and people; and with that comes frequent miscommunication that can make this position very stressful. - Random and overwhelming events/duties often will pop up that require dropping current tasks on the fly. The hourly schedule isn't always accurate as one day you may be told (no choice) to deliver a car a significant distance right before you're scheduled to leave for the day. - Only closed two days out of the year. - Pay is below average.


Get tasks done on time to avoid confrontations, and don't go above and beyond your duties expecting recognition.
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