Pocono Springs Camp

About Pocono Springs Camp

The Pocono Springs unique 5-week program provides our campers with the full camp experience, while still leaving time for family activities, specialty camps, and other summer fun outside of camp.

Our staff dedicates their summer to working with children and creating an atmosphere of family, spirit, and positivity where everyone feels welcome. In summer 2023, you have the opportunity to become a role model and positively impact the lives of children and fellow staff alike while growing as an individual yourself. Being a camp counselor is not only one of the most important and rewarding jobs you will ever have - it’s the hardest job that you will ever love!

The Pocono Springs team provides you with the training and support to care for and guide our campers. Our global staff consists of professional educators, college graduates, and college and graduate students pursuing various degrees with a great interest in working with children.

After a summer at PSC, you will leave camp with new experiences, achievements, and lasting friendships.


Office Staff

June 2022 - July 2022 East Stroudsburg, PA
“Hands-on learning experience; making connections with other from all over the world”

Camp Counselor

June 2019 East Stroudsburg, PA
“I learned so much by working here, and I gained a lot of experience with managing groups of kids, which is super helpful as a future teacher. I loved connecting with my campers and feeling like I was making a difference for them, and getting to see some of them grow up over the years! The leadership staff at this camp really cares about staff experience as well as the camper experience, and it shows. They are always there to help, and the counselors are always willing to help each other as well! Most of all, I love the camp community and the rest of the staff! PSC has such a family feel that includes and campers and the counselors and staff, and it’s so cool to meet people from all different places. I’ve made some amazing friends through my summers at PSC! Honestly, I think the counselors love being at camp as much as the campers do!”
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