About Plant3r

Plant3r is your one-stop destination for all things indoor gardening. Whether you're a budding green thumb or a seasoned horticulturalist, we're here to help you thrive in the world of indoor gardening.

Here's what you can expect from Plant3r:

-Free Classes: We believe in democratizing knowledge. That's why we offer a range of free classes on indoor gardening. These classes cover the basics, advanced techniques, and everything in between. Our aim is to make indoor gardening accessible to everyone.

-Digital Courses: Ready to dive deeper into the world of indoor gardening? Our digital courses provide in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience. From LED grow lights to hydroponics, we've got you covered.

-Online Community: Join our thriving online community of indoor garden enthusiasts. Connect, share, and learn from fellow gardeners. It's a place to seek advice, celebrate successes, and troubleshoot challenges.

-GTG Chatbot: Meet GTG, your gardening assistant. This AI-powered chatbot is designed to make indoor gardening a breeze. It can help you design your indoor garden, troubleshoot issues, and provide valuable insights.

-Future Green Thumb Community: For those who want even more, our Future Green Thumb Community offers exclusive resources, including detailed planting guides, an extensive seed list, and regular updates to keep you at the cutting edge of indoor gardening.

At Plant3r, we're committed to promoting sustainability, self-sufficiency, and a deeper connection with nature. Join us on this green journey and start growing your own herbs, greens, and fruits indoors, year-round.

Your indoor garden adventure begins here! 🌿🌱


Social Media Intern

October 2023 - February 2024 Baltimore, MD
β€œI now have a few pieces to add to my personal portfolio, and I loved being able to make some graphics using Canva for and the landing page for Plant3r!”

Product Design Intern

June 2021 - August 2021 Washington, DC
β€œMy schedule was very flexible ”
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