EDI Configuration Intern

June - August 2021 • Orlando, FL

What I liked

I loved how I was treated like an actual employee and went thru the entire training process that a new employee would go thru. I learned the ins and outs of the company, the health benefits world in general, and how to utilize Salesforce, which is a key skill in today's workforce. I also liked that my days were structured because it made it easier for me to get accustomed to a role I have never had before.

What I wish was different

I wish I would have been able to work there a bit longer and also learn more data-specific skills. I was mainly doing tasks that I knew how to do, which makes sense because it was an unpaid internship, but I would have liked to have had more time to sit in on some meetings where I could listen to employees doing their work. I wasn't able to shadow anyone because it was virtual, so hopefully next summer I will be able to have an in-person experience.


I would say that you should always keep an open mind when you get a new position. You are not an expert and need to trust & respect your co-workers that have been there longer than you. They have so much valuable information and all you have to do is ask questions; you'd be amazed at how much others love speaking about their experiences and helping those that are getting started out in an entry-level or internship position!
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