Planes Moving & Storage Cincinnati

Customer Service Representative

March 2016 • West Chester Township, OH

What I liked

Education comes first. Ever since I started with this company in 2016, the expectation has been that my education is more important than the job. I am able to work throughout the school year with flexible hours and they work with me if I have a busy week at school. Every person who works with the company has a positive attitude and makes the atmosphere a pleasurable one. You get excited to go to work and see your team members!

What I wish was different

Summer can be very overwhelming because that is the peak season for the moving business. I wish there were more opportunities to destress and/or more staff. When we are short-staffed, it can feel like there is way too much to handle. This stress can come home with you at times.


If you want to learn something, ask! The more you know, the more valuable you are. Particularly with this company, others are more than happy to train you on something when they have the time. You are able to make different relationships and help out others within the company. This adds to the positive, team-oriented environment and makes everyone feel more successful.
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