PK Associates Consulting Structural Engineers

Technical Design Intern

January 2018 • Scottsdale, AZ

What I liked

I enjoyed every minute at PK. My mind was blown every single day and I went home every day glad that I was there. I learned more useful information being at PK for the 8 months I have versus most of my undergrad experience. I was able to start in the design process for small steel buildings. I was never bored and I am so grateful for the time spent there.

What I wish was different

I was the only Intern so I didn't have anyone else to really ask questions to or bounce ideas off of. However, it pushed me to go out of my comfort zone and ask the other engineers questions and now I have good relationships with them.


Just work hard. Push yourself and your mind. You'll be surprised what you can learn and you will be so happy going home everyday a little more intelligent than the day before.
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