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About Pizzo & Associates, LTD

Established in 1988, Pizzo & Associates, Ltd. provides solutions for your land and water that make it naturally more beautiful, functional, stable, diverse, and enjoyable.

Our clients and partners are public and private landowners and managers of all sizes throughout the US.

We provide short-term and long-term solutions to problems such as design, consulting, permitting, permit sign off, erosion, invasive species, natural areas installation, natural areas management, prescribed fire, plus more.

Our team adds real value with experience-based design, installations done right the first time and comprehensive management. We will not offer low-cost ineffective work. Nature is a cruel and hard teacher. Work with the natural conditions, and you succeed. Work against them and you fail. Experience matters. Our work is an excellent value. We have solutions for you.


We understand how people use and enjoy the land. Having studied this, we see it fitting into three distinct categories.

Sustainable Landscapes are designed to maximize the benefits for people & the environment while having a landscape aesthetic as well as a mix of hardscapes, lighting, lawn, and active recreation.

Naturalized Areas are restored from entirely new areas. They have been regraded or manipulated such that the entire system needs to be built.

Remnant Systems are a piece of nature that has not been entirely destroyed. The soil, water, plants, and animals can be intact and functioning. These are the most rewarding to restore and require great skill to get rid of the bad parts without hurting the good parts.

​A site can and frequently does contain all three types.​


There are 2 phases to ecosystem restoration: restoration & management.

Restoration: One-time activities such as grading the soil, large scale planting of seed or plants, and invasive species removal.

Management: Active, on-going, adaptive field work such as: mowing, weeding, invasive species control, and prescribed fire that helps the project move forward towards meeting it goals and objectives.

We are where you live, work, and play!


Restoration Technician II

June 2020 - August 2020 Lemont, IL
“I worked with a knowledgeable crew and I enjoyed working outside ”
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