Perez Art Museum Miami

Development/Membership Intern

September 2020 • Miami, FL

What I liked

The team and staff really welcomed me into the "PAMMily" with the other intern cohorts. We were provided with weekly professional development, networking sessions, and exposure to the larger world of museums and cultural heritage. This internship program is intentional about support and encouragement, allowing me to take initiative, give my thoughts in meetings, and collaborate towards PAMM's mission. I have grown so much professionally and personally.

What I wish was different

The hours (20/week) were sometimes hard to balance with school, but thankfully PAMM is super flexible, and my managers supported me in finishing my tasks and still prioritizing my academics as a student.


Take advantage of every opportunity to meet someone new, have an informational interview, and ask questions. PAMM is full of accomplished individuals ready and willing to share and guide the next generation. This is just the beginning!
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