Peace Innovation Institute by PeaceX

About Peace Innovation Institute by PeaceX

The Peace Innovation Institute by PeaceX was born out of the Peace Innovation Lab that was started at Stanford University way back in 2008.

We research, design, build tools to spread positive social behavior (what we call peace behavior) at scale while empowering others with the resources they need to do the same.

We help entrepreneurs build positive-social impact businesses from the ground up in our program the Peace Innovation Network.

With corporations, we work with them to build a culture of innovation and social good from the inside-out, helping them streamline internal processes to make peace-creating products that have lasting impact and create revenue for the organization.

Our technology-enabled approach to building positive peace delivers practical interventions that increase sustainable, mutually beneficial social behavior—especially trade, commerce, and value-generating behavior.


Research Assistant

March 2020 Palo Alto, CA
“Working for PII is very satisfying for those who enjoy working with others and collaborating on projects. Despite being remote, I've made meaningful connections with my peers. Additionally there is always an integration of new technologies and ideas, making the work very dynamic and engaging. ”

Student Research Assistant

April 2020 - September 2020 Philadelphia, PA
“Despite the chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic and the spontaneity of this co-op opportunity, I really enjoyed the internship. The positive remote work environment made me excited to log in everyday, and I was able to take on various leadership positions and work that interested me. Aside from building my professional experience and networks, I came out of this experience with more faith in and a better understanding of myself, my work habits and my skill set. The leadership, principles and work culture at PeaceX is unmatched.”
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