Paradise Landing Event Center

About Paradise Landing Event Center

Paradise Landing is a Restaurant, Bar, and Event Center we offer catered Weddings, Banquets, and all other types of events as well as standard dining. As one of our friendly staff members we will help you develop the skills necessary you will need in the service industry and you will have a solid foundation to excel no matter where you go from here. In the summer we are a fast paced-high energy establishment. We have events and live music and a gorgeous patio for dining or lounging. Located on beautiful Balsam Lake, we have direct access for boaters to pull up and enjoy our gorgeous establishment and location.



June 2018 Balsam Lake, WI
“Despite the low hourly wage, I made a lot of money in tips; the most money I’ve ever made from a summer job before. I really suggest waitressing!”


June 2018 Balsam Lake, WI
“I loved the fast paced environment of the restaurant environment! ”
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