PaR Systems

About PaR Systems

PaR Systems is the intelligent solutions provider for driving quality, productivity, and safety in manufacturing and other demanding environments since 1961.

At PaR Systems, we leverage our large base of equipment platforms and applications experience to serve our clients, who come from a variety of industries. Our ability to access legacy platforms and technology expertise (gained from thousands of previously successful automation and material handling systems) allows us to consistently provide reliable, cost-effective solutions.

We continue to help our clients be successful by:
Determining where to automate to achieve the best return on their investment.
Deciding how to automate since every project has unique requirements.
Managing the firm price, scope, and delivery schedule challenges.
The disciplined management of the supplier/client interface.
Applying the lessons of experience for future success.

Today, we continue to expand product expertise through strategic acquisitions, enhancing our ability to meet the unique needs of our clients. Our continued growth adds significant depth and breadth to our capabilities.


Sales Intern

May 2020 - August 2020 Shoreview, MN
“I loved getting hands on experience in the sales field by sitting in on customer calls and meetings such as proposals. I enjoyed growing my network by meeting individually with the sales team to learn tips from them and hear about their roles at PaR. Furthermore, I liked getting assigned tasks and projects that would help me to learn new things but that also would be used by the company so it was not pointless work.”
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