Pangea Reptile LLC

About Pangea Reptile LLC

Owner Matthew Parks started Pangea Reptile LLC in 2001 with the breeding of geckos and small-scale sale of dry goods. Several years later we have now grown into one of the largest online sellers of reptile food, products, and quality geckos. We are constantly growing and expanding our line of products and services to meet our customer needs.

But the real story behind every one of Pangea Reptile LLC’s products and specimens is the spirit of discovery that Matt experienced on his first chance encounter with a crested gecko. This spark of wonder woven through our business makes us strive to be innovators over salesmen, scientists instead of staff, and craftsmen rather than breeders.

Our goal is to use this energy to have the very best customer service in the industry as well as the finest animals and products available.


System Analyst

June 2018 - September 2018 Hudsonville, MI
“The staff and experience of being in the job.”
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