Packinghouse Christian Fellowship

Junior High Leader

November 2014 • Redlands, CA

What I liked

Being a Junior High leader has not only taught me what it means to shape the lives of young people into strong, loving, spiritual leaders but, also has shaped me into a softer kinder person. Those kids changed me for the better and have made me a better representation of Christ by serving them and alongside them. The fellowship I have made with my peers there is much more than an employee situation but, a brother in arms on the many battlefields of life; a family.

What I wish was different

I mean they are teenagers so it sucks sometimes but worth it.


If you are serious about working with children and feel lead to do it. Volunteer with your church or an outreach program. One doesn't have to go out to Africa on an exotic mission trip to serve the Lord and understand the importance of feeding the lives of children. You can build strong lasting relationships with youth, that will ripple into eternity without having to step outside your home. In short, be that someone you wish you had when you were that age.
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