About OTTO

The Otto story began with two chefs from dramatically different culinary backgrounds uniting in 2009 by the belief that pizza is a serious food with the potential to transcend its “take-out” reputation by re-imaging the possibilities that exist beyond red sauce and mozzarella! We now have 13 locations spread throughout the greater Boston, MA and greater Portland, ME area. We are continuously working to make sure every pizza is perfect and every slice is unforgettable. Whether it be from one of our slice counters, or in one of our full service dining rooms, every member of our team is motivated by this goal of consistently well-executed, uncomplicated food. We’ve come along way slice our start in 2009, winning numerous awards, most recently, Boston’s A-list best gourmet pizza award!


Counter Staff

June 2021 - August 2021 Arlington, MA
“The people I worked with were nice and the tips were good”

Pizza Delivery Driver

May 2018 Yarmouth, ME
“I liked my manager, He was very down to earth and was easy to talk to about scheduling and personal issues. He understood people's life wasn't 100% work and he wanted his workers to take days off if they were feeling sick or too tired.”
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