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About Orthopedic Associates Therapy Center

Thank you for your interest in either a Therapy Technician or volunteer opportunity with our practice. Let me tell you a little about our practice.

We are a very busy outpatient orthopedic therapy clinic providing both PT and OT/Hand Therapy services. We have 5 full time PT's, 3 part time PT's, and a part-time OT/CHT. We utilize a staff of Therapy Technicians that are mostly college students obtaining their undergraduate degrees prior to application to a PT or OT program. We are able to help them obtain the requisite number of hours that must be logged in a therapy environment prior to program application.

Being college students at various stages in their schooling process, we commonly have turnover at the end of each semester coming into the next. Therefore, it is very possible that we may have a part time position for you as one of our staff of Therapy Technicians. If we end up not having any openings when you contact us, there may be a volunteer / shadowing opportunity for you. When you contact us, please be prepared to discuss when you might be available for an interview and what your days and times of availability may be for the current semester should you be hired as a Therapy Technician.


Rehabilitation Technichian

May 2018 Pewaukee, WI
“I really liked being able to work hands-on with patients and having the opportunity to observe and learn from therapists.”
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