Origlio Beverage

Graphic Designer Intern

May - August 2019 • Philadelphia, PA

What I liked

I mainly enjoyed my department. They made wokring fun while I learned and got first hand experience in this field. It helped me to get a good grasp on what it is like to be wokring a 9am - 5pm job, while still being able to enjoy myself.

What I wish was different

I really owuldn't wish for anything different, I liked the work pace and the enviorment so much. I made connections through this experience and was inspired by my coworkers every day. They pushed me to try new things and to challenge myself.


One piece of advice I would share is to always keep an open mind. I had always been into taking photos and editing photos, but never viewed it as more than a hobby for myself, but through this experience I learned so much and was motivated to pursue freelance jobs for myself in editing an dgraphic design. I never really wouldbe explored this for myself if it wasn't for the inspiration and eduction from my co-workers.
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