Internal Audit Intern

June - August 2021 • Jersey City, NJ

What I liked

The environment of the company and how close all of the employees were. It was amazing to be right outside of the city as well. My absolute favorite part of my internship was the fact that I was able to do actual audits with my team for international parts of the company, so I was able to work with the Japan, Prague and Puerto Rico teams as well.

What I wish was different

I wish that we would have been able to travel for our jobs, but because of the Coronavirus, we did most of our work remote and only went into the office a few times every week.


Don't be afraid to ask questions. The group of auditors I worked with wanted me to learn how to run controls and do different tasks. Another thing is don't be afraid to expand your professional network, I was able to talk to people from all different sections of the company and it was amazing!
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