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communications temp

June 2021 New York City, NY
“I love how flexible and knowledgeable everyone is and how willing my team was to promote my learning. I got a variety of assignments where I utilized my administrative, organizational, research and critical thinking skills. I always felt like my supervisor gave me assignments that allowed me to actually contribute to the foundation's work and further promoted their mission of ensuring human rights on the global scale. I went from working in the communications department to moving into the advocacy department as well because I spoke to my supervisor about wanting to do more engaging projects. I also enjoyed how accessible everyone was during the day and how willing they were to engage with me and share their skills and expertise as well ad professional advice relating to grad school and career. ”

Communications Intern

June 2020 New York City, NY
“Although everything was online I received training on grant-making, the different grantees of the foundation, and networking. I had access to almost everyone at the foundation and I was encouraged to send emails to learn more about their work and network. I had a lot of responsibilities such as making press lists, answering the contact inbox, writing a VOICES article (similar to an op-ed), attending Brown Bag meetings (events where the work of the grantees was highlighted), create webinar scan reports to get inspiration for our webinars, media monitoring of current events, and finally running the @OSFhealth Twitter. Additionally, recently I was able to reach out to another program (Women's Rights Program) to do work with them on a legal case in Mexico which was amazing because I want to come back next summer to work in their program specifically. ”
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