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on the go GLAM delivers hair, makeup, and nail services when and where you want them! Our soon-to-launch Android and iOS app brings beauty services to men and women at home, in the office, or wherever a little extra glam is needed. Find us on Instagram @otgglam, or on the go GLAM on Facebook!


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June 2020 - August 2020 Los Angeles, CA
“I loved this job! Joy was amazing to work with, and she was great at giving me creative control over the projects I worked on. I had this job along with a few other positions, and the hours were so flexible. I basically created my own schedule to work, with the exception of a weekly pre-scheduled meeting and biweekly meeting with another intern. The freedom to work on my own terms allowed me to devote the necessary time needed, and I never spent more than 6 hours a week in this position, yet I was able to get so much experience out of it!”
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