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About On My Own

The mission of On My Own is to provide training to adults with disabilities to support the attainment of independent living skills, overall employability, job sustainability, and community engagement with the overarching goal of successful employment and independent living.

On My Own is a local non-profit that is looking for volunteers and staff to accompany our clients with disabilities to various community-based events that are designed to give this population exposure to a variety of work environments. Local organizations frequency host events to support their mission, and On My Own offers staffing for these events through the participation of our clients alongside volunteers and/or hired staff. This ensures that tasks are completed to our partner’s satisfaction, and importantly, that our clients receive the support and training that they need to successfully learn and perfect employment skills. Venues and events include parties, fairs, music concerts, community runs (5K, marathons), beach clean-ups, and festivals.

On My Own also offers intensive independent living skills, job training, job coaching, household management, budgeting and money management, healthy eating, food preparation, food shopping, and fitness and recreation. Services are provided in a manner that helps individuals achieve their maximum level of independence as well as achieve overall integration and participation in the community, including becoming active workforce members. We are looking for volunteers and/or staff to help teach these skills.



May 2019 Brecksville, OH
“-I was able to expand my teaching tools by having a group of children to watch during the week.”
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