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The OMRON Automotive Electronic Components Business was established in 1983 in Nagoya, Japan, as a division of OMRON Corporation specializing in on-board car components. Though targeting the automotive relay business at the outset, it readily expanded into the bourgeoning field of car electronics, creating its first such product only two years later: a keyless entry system. Ever since, we have continued to both design and manufacture a range of advanced electronic and electromechanical components and systems for automakers around the world. All of our products - high-performance controllers, switches and sensors - aim to enhance vehicle safety/reliability, comfort/convenience, and energy efficiency/environmental friendliness. Learn more about our products by visiting our Products page.

In 2010, the OMRON Automotive Electronic Components Business separated from OMRON Corporation to become its own independent company: OMRON Automotive Electronics Co. Ltd. Today, our corporation operates in several regions: Japan, Asia-Pacific, the Americas, & Europe. In 2012, the Americas & Europe regions joined together and now function as OMRON Automotive Electronics Inter-Americas/Europe (OAE-IA/E). Together, they successfully sell, develop, and manufacture, a wide variety of OMRON automotive electronics.


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April 2021 - June 2021 Bangkok, Bangkok
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