Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University

Research Intern

May - August 2023 • Kunigami District, Okinawa

What I liked

It was a great experience to see what researching in a professional lab looked like. Being one of the only undergraduate students among a team of professors and post-docs was intimidating, but you learn to become an independent learner, as well has communicate with members within the team.

What I wish was different

There was a lack of guidance when I first arrived, and it seemed like the team didn't know what to do with a new intern. It makes sense since everyone would rather be doing their own work instead of caring to the new intern, but I wish there was a pipeline or orientation for new interns.


I would say don't be afraid of challenges, but don't be afraid to seek help from senior members. I was working at an office desk programming away most days, and it was often hard to stay motivated as the work I was doing was in an area of physics that was not familiar to me, so I had to develop independent learning skills, but also recognize when it is simply more efficient to just ask a team member for guidance.
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