Ohio Department of Transportation District 8

College Intern

August 2023 • Eaton, OH

What I liked

Working on SR 503 was amazing, mostly on account of being trusted on making official measurements. The project over I-70 was a fascinating project, as it was an unusual case (reusing the skeleton of a bridge in need of a replacement while replacing everything else). Learning how we make roads on a road expansion project out by the state border was fascinating, as well. We haven't changed road-making doctrine as a society since the Romans, in a fundamental sense! I look forward to seeing different facets of infrastructure maintenance, installation, and design either in my future career or in a future employment.

What I wish was different

The commute is long. Not prohibitively so, but long enough to be a pain point. I have very little complaints, generally, aside from this. The closest things to a pain point after that is probably the fact I was not provided a safety vest hoodie, (considering the cold weather toward the end of the work term),and the fact I was given what seems like the bare minimum of equipment desk-wise. but these are both extremely minor complaints, and what probably *should* be the expected standard for a short-term internship like mine. On a similarly pedantic note, I have a personal dislike of Apple electronics, and the loaner equipment is of Apple make.


Know when to keep focused. While the work isn't intensive, it *is* something that needs to be monitored at least moderately vigilantly. The inspection work part of the job has a lot of time that is *effectively* idle time, at least when the contractors doing the physical construction are good at their job. You'll want something to occupy yourself in those idle moments that you are comfortable putting down at a moment's notice, so you can jump right back in whenever you are needed. Make sure that whatever this activity is, that it isn't disruptive, and perhaps even contributes to the job in a secondary or tertiary way (making streamlining tools for future work, tidying your workspace, whether it be physical or digital, etc.)
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