Ohio Department of Transportation

About Ohio Department of Transportation

The Ohio Department of Transportation provides and maintains highways, passenger and freight rail systems, bikeways, aviation, waterways, and port facilities for transporting people and goods throughout the state of Ohio. Working with federal and local governments, the department is charged with maintaining more than 130,000 miles of Ohio highway and planning, designing and constructing new transportation systems fostering economic growth and personal travel.


College Intern

August 2023 - December 2023 Lebanon, OH
“I love the diversity of the opportunities that were available at ODOT. It is a big company that expands its projects all over the state. Hence, it was fun out of office activities where i could go on assigned projects and get in touch with other engineers and co-workers. The support i recieved from my co-workers was outstanding as everybody wanted to help me learn and succeed. I continued to develope my skills this spring and gained more knowledge of civil engineering in general by changing locations in coming times.”
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