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About Oaknoll Retirement Home

Oaknoll offers Independent Living, Assisted Living and Health Center facilities to provide exceptional lifestyle and health services to 365+ individuals. Our mission is to provide exceptional retirement living and Health Services through LifeCare.



August 2017 - February 2019 Iowa City, IA
“ The residents and staff of Oaknoll are some of the friendliest people that I've been around. They were all very welcoming and patient with me and other new volunteers that were familiarizing themselves with the building and our tasks. The Thursday evening programs were the highlight of my time there because they allowed me to interact with many of the residents, and also learn something new from the guest speaker of the night.”

activity assitant

June 2019 - December 2019 Iowa City, IA
“Oaknoll provides residents, staff, and volunteers the most positive and welcoming environment. It's an environment that genuinely cares and aims to provide an atmosphere for all to be in good health and spirits. The relationships built with residents are far beyond incredible. I was able to impact them as much as they impacted me. My volunteer experience at Oaknoll never felt like a chore, but rather became an experience I was eager to attend. The staff and residents made Oaknoll feel like a home away from home. There was never a day where I felt unwelcome or that my time spent there wasn't valuable. ”
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