Oakland Police Department


December 2017 - May 2019 • Oakland, CA

What I liked

The department itself and officers where great! They helped out and showed us everything they knew about the job. The cadet coordinator was an amazing instructor and was all about working out. He loved making us run and work out every morning we worked. Their was a lot of things that we learned such as the police 9 codes which we where tested on once a week. We also did evoc training and physical trainings.

What I wish was different

I wish that the cadet position was more flexible with how many hours we where able to work. I was working there and going to school and my schedule for work was not very convenient for me I needed more then 19.5 hrs a week. Bills are expensive and so is school!


This was an amazing experience and I miss it once in a while! OAKLAND POLICE DEPARTMENT is one of a kind ! All of the officers and staff are great people and their is a lot of knowledge to be learned.
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