Oakdale Irrigation District

About Oakdale Irrigation District

Provider of agricultural irrigation water.

The District was formed on November 1, 1909 as an irrigation district of the State of California formed pursuant to the provisions of Division 11 of the California Water Code (the “Act”) for the purpose of delivering irrigation water to the agricultural lands within its boundaries. Geographically, the District encompasses parts of Stanislaus and San Joaquin Counties, about 12 miles northeast of Modesto and 30 miles southeast of Stockton. Urban areas in the District include the cities of Oakdale and Valley Home located in Stanislaus County.

Water to supply the District comes principally from the Stanislaus River under well-established adjudicated water rights but also from water reclamation and drainage recovery systems and pumping from deep wells. The District’s distribution systems include the Goodwin Diversion Dam on the Stanislaus River below the Tulloch Dam, at which point water is diverted into the District’s main canal systems.

Currently the District operates and maintains over 330 miles of laterals, pipelines, and tunnels, 25 deep wells, and 48 lift pumps to serve local customers. In general, the District’s facilities, system operations, political organization, and administration have changed over the last decade. The District provides surface irrigation (raw) water to over 2,900 connections, in addition to supplying domestic water to over 700 customers. The District does not presently operate a domestic water treatment plant or provide municipal or industrial water.



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