Ninth Wave Global

Environmental Journalism Intern

June - July 2021 • Campeche, Campeche

What I liked

My experience with Ninth Wave has impacted the way I think and behave in my everyday life, providing me with new insights on what it means to be an environmentalist and an activist. In Campeche, I spent my mornings working on the organic farm and helping take care of our rescue animals, and in the afternoons I worked in the office drafting and writing articles for environmental organizations such as Plastic Oceans. Being able to engage in this great variety of experiences everyday was both challenging and fulfilling, and helped me contemplate which facets of environmental work are my true passions. Additionally, these activities helped me understand how I can continue to improve my environmental practices to be a better steward of the land I inhabit. My unstructured time in Campeche was equally fulfilling as my official work roles, as I was able to practice my Spanish with community members, learn how to implement sustainable practices in my personal life, harvest fresh fruits and veggies from our garden and the forest, and admire both our rescue animals and the wildlife of Campeche (especially the sea turtles!). Every second of the day I was learning, even on my free days. The last important facet of this experience was the volunteers and Ninth Wave employees I had the pleasure to work with – if you care about environmental conservation and creating positive change, you will have a great time and form meaningful connections with the people you meet in Campeche. The community I was surrounded with provided me with the low-stress environment I need to grow and contribute positively to a group.

What I wish was different

One thing that could have made my experience even better was a bit more support from program leaders. At times it felt like our physical/mental welfare was a secondary concern even though I know it was not their intention to make it seem that way. To anyone thinking about this experience, be proactive if you have any issues or concerns and your needs will definitely be met.


Do not go into this internship with expectations about what it will be like or how it will go – this position is entirely what you make of it, which can be great if you open yourself up to challenges and new experiences. You will be working with passionate, intelligent, and empathetic people, so make a real effort to get to know them and learn from their wisdom.
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