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About Navy Talent Acquisition Group Great Lakes

The Navy is about one thing - excellence.

You've spent hundreds of hours behind a desk. Want to spend the rest of your life behind one? If you're hungry for a career that maximizes your talent, challenges you to take on a leadership role, and gives you an adrenaline rush in the process. You've just found it.

While the Navy takes you across the sea, through the air, below the surface, and around the world, it also puts you in command of cutting-edge technology. Don't limit yourself by the mundane boundaries of ordinary work. Learn the world's most advanced systems. Become a Pilot, a Medical Professional, a Nuclear Engineer. How about becoming a Lawyer, or a Cyber Warfare Professional? Gain friendships that last a lifetime and explore your untapped potential.

Envision yourself as a Navy Officer. Take on monumental responsibilities while your counterparts in the civilian world are still working to get their careers off the ground. Do more in a few short years than most people do in a lifetime. Take a deep breath. Feel the rush of real life. It's time to lead the world.


Aviation Maintenance Administrator

July 2012 - July 2016 Lemoore, CA
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