About Navigo

Navigo is an agency that specializes in helping brands and individuals develop their online presence. We've worked with scientists, investors and brands to manage online communities, run paid media campaigns, and build email marketing automation and develop websites.

We believe the world is deeply impacted by digital media and we work to maximize the impact for our clients brand. A well-told, powerful story can resonate just as easily in Germany as it can in Japan. To us, the personal is the most relatable; human-driven narratives are what move audiences to action, participation, and transformation.


Research and Writing Internship

October 2018 - February 2019 New York City, NY
“I really liked the work itself- I was mostly researching and writing up interesting stories to be featured on the Navigo instagram page, so the day-to-day work was genuinely interesting. I worked as a remote intern, and the job allowed for a lot of flexibility that made things easier for me. The other interns that I worked with were nice and reliable, which made my work easier as well. I was also given a lot of freedom in what I chose to research and feature on the instagram page. ”
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