National Railroad Museum

Museum Custodian

January 2020 • Green Bay, WI

What I liked

Working in and around the railroad equipment is a passion that I have long been trying to get. It has been some time since many of the pieces in the collection at the museum have been cleaned. I took time to volunteer at the museum during the fall of 2019 when I started my classes at UW-Green Bay. Taking the time to clean, organizes, and maintain the railroad equipment is the most fun.

What I wish was different

The lockdowns really hurt the museum as many events were cancelled due to them. Along with that, the amount of extra cleaning that is needed to be done takes far too long and takes away time that I would spend on cleaning, organizes, and maintain the railroad equipment.


There are moments that will make your day as you help explain the of a piece in the museum to someone. Helping the restoration crews work on projects to preserve the history of something is a lot of fun as well. If you enjoy history and are also a railroad fan, the museum is a place for you to work but if you dont mind the very high standards that you are held to.
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