National Alliance for Eating Disorders

FSUshadow Intern

August 2019 • West Palm Beach, FL

What I liked

I enjoyed getting to experience the entirety of the organization. I shadowed each person within the Alliance, and got to see the different parts of what made the organization work so well! They treated me as an equal the entire time, and answered all of my questions thoroughly, and even asked me questions of their own. They showed me all their resources they provide as well as preventative services they offer.

What I wish was different

I wish my experience could’ve ranged over a few days instead of just the one, but I do feel like I experienced everything ai possible could have. If it lasted a couple days I could have made a stronger impression on those who work there.


Ask as many questions as you can! Come prepared with general questions; even if it’s about the persons background and college career or how they got to where they are now. Establishing a personal connection with the people you are shadowing is important and beneficial with networking!
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