National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) - Houston, TX

Pathways Intern: Engineering Trainee

June - August 2020 • Houston, TX

What I liked

I was able to work on the Operations side of Engineering this time, to become more well rounded. I really enjoyed learning how all the International Space Station systems functioned and how the equipment was controlled by Flight Controllers. I was also able to work on coding and display work which was completely new to me, which was exciting. Developing communications training was also really cool and there were many opportunities to learn about a large variety of topics. My coworkers really made me feel welcome and were very inclusive and always willing to help. I am learning that the people who work with me are amazing and are the most important part of an internship, who really make the experience worth it.

What I wish was different

Covid-19 made it a teleworking internship which was disappointing. I wish I could have had more insight into who did what and what my coworkers' specialties were so I can ask for help more when needed since I had only met two or three in person. It was difficult to navigate especially with the internet or the VPN cutting out so much. I wish I could have been onsite for this internship, but it still went mostly well.


Never think you are not skilled or knowledgeable enough for an internship. Everyone is so willing to help the interns and NASA was amazing in honoring all the internships handed out, moving all interns to a spot or different branch if needed where teleworking was possible so they could still build internship experience. I applied on a whim right at midnight thinking I would be rejected and then the interview and position offers came in. So just keep applying and applying even to positions that are "unlikely" because the right opportunity is just waiting for you and might be a surprise!
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